[Monthly] BIZ Web Maintenance

BIZ Website Maintenance Plan
Please view full scope limitation marked (*) here:

General Scopes:
- Website Technical Support
- No. of Website Supported: 1 Website
- Scheduled Website Backup: 1x per Month
- Web Hosting Management *
- Page Creation: 2 pages/month
- Upload /Update Contents: 5 edits/month
- Google Analytics Setup (if not present)
- E-commerce Support (if ecommerce present) *
- Downtime Monitoring: Every 5 minutes
- Custom Modification: Not included
- Security Enhancements: Standard
- Performance Enhancements: Not included
- Software Updates *
- Webmastering Service: 3hrs/month
- Helpdesk Support System
- Whatsapp Support
- Responsive Support: 1-72hrs

#Excluding any server/vps related Sysadmin tasks/maintenance.
#Any tasks beyond plan limits will be quoted separately on case to case basis.

Cost effective monthly maintenance for your website. Suitable for company website with minimal content changes. Monthly Backup included.

*Monthly Backup
*5 edits/month
*2 pages/articles creation per month

RM450.00 / Month