D4U eShop Theme Settings

How to edit & update layout and element on your shop.

Important notes:
  1. Please read & follow the instruction carefully and only do changes when it is really necessary.
  2. If you require assistance, our Tech Team do the changes for your for a fee. Simply contact or chat with us and let us know what do you want to accomplish.
  3. We will not be responsible if the site owner mistakenly messed up or break the original website layout.
  4. If needed, our Tech Team can reset the site layout settings to its original form for a fee. But during this procedures, some data may lost.

Adding Pages

Adding a new page is the same way as default WordPress installations, however, there are extra options that might need explaining.

This theme is specially built for the e-commerce and corporate purpose. Usually, each page has content and featured image.  Featured image will display on front page, in a single page.

Adding Featured Image

  1. Go to Admin Panel
  2. Go to Pages > Add New
  3. Give the title of the Page
  4. Write the content of the Page
  5. Scroll to down and see the right corner, you will find the Set Featured Image section

Adding Products

If you are going to build e-commerce store, you need to put your products. After installing the WooCommerce plugin, Products section will appear on the admin dashboard.

  1. Go to Admin Dashboard > Products > Add New
  2. Give the title of the products ( Example: Wireless Keyboard 225 )
  3. Writes some description, products price etc
  4. Add product featured image and gallery image, related to products
  5. Select/Create product category.
  6. Click on publish to save the products.

Home Page/Make Home Page as Demo

Are you wondering about how to create a home page as our demo? Here we are going to present you how to make the homepage as the demo. Please just follow the below procedure to make it. It’s simple to create the home page.
1. Install Theme Online Shop

  • Go to Admin Panel > Appearance > Themes > Add New and upload theme Online Shop Pro
  • Click on Install and then Activate

2. Create Page for Home and Blog
You need at most two pages, one for Home and another for Blog, to make the demo. Please follow this below steps to
set home page.

  • Go to admin panel > Pages > Add New
  • Give the title of page(Example: Home Page)
  • Click on Publish to publish page.
  • Create another page(for Blog), follow the above page creation method.

3. Set Homepage and Blog page
Please set home page and blog page with following procedure.

  • Go to admin panel > Settings > Reading
  • Click on “A static page (select below)”
  • Set Front page: (Home Page recently created above)
  • Posts page:(Blog you recently created)

4. Preview front page
View the front page, the featured section(Slider Section) will appear. To change the slider,

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Featured Section Options > Feature Slider Selection
  • Select Pages for the slider items. Click on Add New to add the required slider.

5. Section below the slider
Are you wondering how to add the section below the slider? It’s simple, please follow the below process:

  • Go to Appearance > Widget
  • Add the available widget (Example AT Post Column) on “Home Main Content Area”
  • Use the available options of the Widgets
  • View the home page, you will find the about section there.

6. More section on Home Page
If you need more section on home page, just add the available widget there on “Home Main Content Area”
You will find the others section below.

  • On Home Page add more widget available on Appearance > Customize > Home Main Content Area and add new widgets there.
  • Check the available options to make the section.

Note: If you are using dummy data installation method, all the required page will create automatically.

Theme Options and Setting on Customizer

All the team options and settings are available on Admin Panel > Appearance > Customize. From this section, you can manage,

  • Static Front Page ( Homepage Setting )
  • Header Main Section
  • Site Title, Tagline & Logo
  • Advanced Menus
  • Slider Sections
  • Slider Right Section
  • Home Page Sections
  • Footer Widget Sections
  • WooCommerce Options
  • Typography Options
  • Basic Color Options
  • Advanced Color Options
  • Site Layout including Sidebars
  • Footer Sections including copyright
  • Breadcrumb Options
  • Search Placeholder
  • Theme Options
  • Additional CSS
  • Related Post Options etc

Static Front Page ( Homepage Setting )

This section helps you to set the front page and blog page. If you already set on Settings > Reading, you don’t need to set it again.

Header Main Options

Go to Appearance > Customize > Header Main,

This section includes very useful theme settings like,

  • Header Top Section
  • Logo Section
  • Basic Info Section
  • Header Search or Ads Section
  • Header Icons ( Cart Icon )
  • Header Placement
  • Header Media ( Header Image or Header Video )

Header Top Section

This section includes the settings for the header top section like email, phone, menus, social etc. Check all the options available on this section via Appearance > Customize > Header Main > Header Top > Enable Header Top Options

Logo Section

Logo section helps you to set site logo, title or tagline.  Appearance > Customize > Header Main > Logo Section

Basic Info

Set the header top basic info via this section. Set email, phone, location, working time with icons and links too.

Header Search or Ads

Set Search or Advertisement in the top section, above primary menu via Appearance > Customize > Header Main > Header Search or Ads section.

Check every setting in this section to know all the theme features for the header top section.

Menu Options

This Option helps users to manage the settings for the menu. This section manage Special Menu, Sticky and Right Menu Options.

Featured Section Options

Featured section options also know as slider section below the primary menu and logo. You can manage slider setting and slider right section via here.

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Featured Section Options
  • Go to Featured Main Section ( Right Section )
  • Check and use the available options
  • Again, go to Featured right section
  • Check and use the available options to manage the right section
  • If the preview is fine, click on publish button to save the changes.

Home Main Content Area

The home main content area is used to make the home page of our demos. Add the available widgets in this widget area to make the site as our demo page.

  • Go to Appearance > Customize >Home Main Content Area
  • Add the necessary widgets from the Available Widgets
  • If you add the Widgets in Home Main Content Area, it will appear in Home Page Section.
  • Drag up or down to manage the position of Widgets
  • After adding/editing them, don’t forget to click ‘Save & Publish’ button at the top.

Footer Options

Footer Options will help you to change the copyright text from this section.

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Footer Options 
  • Enter your own copyright text here.
  • Add own Powered by Text.
  • Enable Theme Name And Powered By Text and enter your own text below.
  • If the preview is fine, click on Save & Publish to save the changes.

Typography Options

This section helps you to change the font family, the font size of every section.

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Typography Options > Enable Typography 
  • Check typography options for the section like site title, body, headings etc.

Layout Design Options

Layout Design Options help to change the overall layout of the site including the sidebar, Front Page Content, Colors and Background image.

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Layout/Design Option
  • You will get the below options here,
  • Intro Loader Options
  • Button Design
  • Front Page Options
  • Default Sidebar Layout
  • Front/Home Sidebar Layout
  • Category/Archive Sidebar Layout
  • Sticky Sidebar Option
  • Category Color Option
  • Basic Color Option
  • Advanced Color Option
  • Background Image

Default Sidebar Layout

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Layout/Design Option > Default Sidebar Layout
  • Select the sidebar from the available drop-down option.
  • If the preview is fine, Click on Save & Publish to save the changes.

Front/Home Sidebar Layout

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Layout/Design Option > Front/Home Sidebar Layout
  • Select the sidebar from the available dropdown option.
  • If the preview is fine, Click on Save & Publish to save the changes.

Category/Archive  Sidebar Layout

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Layout/Design Option > Category/Archive Sidebar Layout
  • Select the sidebar from the available drop-down option.
  • If the preview is fine, Click on Save & Publish to save the changes.

Sticky Sidebar Options

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Layout/Design Option > Sticky Sidebar Options
  • Checked in Enable Sticky Sidebar to enable it.
  • If the preview is fine, Click on Save & Publish to save the changes.

Default/Blog Archive Layout

This option helps to show/hide the featured image and help to change the Read More text via customizer.

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Layout/Design Option > Default/Blog Archive Layout
  • Check the image options and read more options.
  • Click on Save & Publish to save the changes.

Category Color Options

  • You can set the different color for all your category, including product categories as well.
  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Layout/Design Option > Category Color Options
  • Check the image options and read more options.
  • Click on Save & Publish to save the changes.


This free version has 5 different color options. Check the available color options and select the required color for you.

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Layout/Design Option > Color
  • Click on Save & Publish to save the changes.

Background Image

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Layout/Design Option > Background Image
  • Select the image to your site background.
  • Click on Save & Publish to save the changes.

Single Post Options

Go to Appearance > Customize > Single Post Option.

Single Post Options helps a user to manage the setting for the single post. Users can set,

  • Image Size
  • Related Post Options
  • Related Post Title
  • Related Post selection Options
  • Meta Display Options
  • Post Comment Options

WooCommere Options

This section will appear only after the WooCommerce Plugin installed.

Go to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce Options

From this section you can manage Product Archive Page and Product Single page. Check all the available options in this section if you want to change the setting of WooCommerce pages.

Theme Options

Theme options include the following features:

  • Front Page Options
  • Breadcrumb
  • Search Placeholder
  • Social Options

How to visible Excerpt Section on Pages & Post? 

  1. Go to Pages > Add new or Edit the page
  2. View at the top, you will see the screen options
  3. Click here and Checked on Excerpts
  4. After that Excerpt will visible. Please scroll to down to see it.
  5. Please have a look at the screenshot for the details.

Custom Widget & Widget Options

This theme has 9+ custom Widgets. Custom Widgets are as follow,

  • AT About/Service Section
  • AT Advanced Image/Logo
  • AT Advanced WooCommerce Search
  • AT Featured Section
  • AT Post Column
  • AT Social Section
  • AT WooCommerce Categories
  • AT WooCommece Cats Tabs
  • AT WooCommece Products

If you have any confusion, please submit a support ticket or chat with us for queries.

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