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D4U eShop is a powerful low budget E-Commerce Platform specifically built for small & medium enterprises to start selling their products online within short development time.
The initial platform design & configurations are sufficient enough for most merchant to start making profit, but it is also fully expandable with various other features that can be added at additional cost. By purchasing the D4U eShop package, you're hereby agreed to be bound to our Package Terms of Services as per outlined below.

E-Commerce Platform Specifications
  • Client will be offered a ready-to-use fully working e-commerce website with specification as stated in the product descriptions.
  • Client will be given Administrator access to the Web Admin Dashboard to manage the e-commerce operation.
  • Client may request a different specification or an upgrade of the existing configuration at anytime, but this is subject to resources availability & additional cost.
  • General web hosting resources limit:1GB SSD Storage, Max 1vcpu, Max 1.5GB Shared RAM, 100GB Bandwidth/month.
  • Each website has been tested to serve ~5000 daily visitors with ~5 concurrent orders per minute. Hosting uptime ~98% and above.
  • The initial hosting package is not suitable for running Flash Sale Promo and other high traffic events from ads. High resources usage may cause the website temporarily suspended and displays errors.
  • Hosting Upgrades & Performance Optimization are available if required. Please contact our Support Team for arrangement.
  • For Security Purpose, access to some of the default Wordpress/WooCommerce features will be restricted.

Site Management & Maintenance
  • Client has to manage all their e-commerce website operation from uploading, adding, creating, managing products.
  • Client has to manage e-commerce orders, delivery, customers services by themselves.
  • Client is fully responsible of what's happening on their website, items uploaded, contents added and others.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any business losses, missing data & contents, accidental deletion and any other clients' mistakes/wrongdoings.
  • In the event of the website become malfunction or breaking due to misconfiguration by Client's, it is not our responsibility to fix the problem. But we can offer a website restore to its original setup condition at an additional cost.
  • We will run site maintenance task as per described in the package description. Other maintenance tasks can be done upon request and will be charged separately.

Addons & Other Enhancements
  • We offer various E-Commerce Addons & Features Enhancements on top the existing default package for additional cost.
  • Should you require additional features to be integrated into the e-commerce platform, please request for a free consultation with our Support Team.

Custom Domain Name & Own Hosting
  • Client may use their own existing Domain Names, but they will need to be pointed to our server. Pricing will remain the same. Please contact our Support Team for instructions.
  • Client may purchase a new custom Domain Name for the eShop from us. Price for custom Domain Names varies by extensions type and will be invoiced separately on yearly basis. Domain Names are subject to availability.
  • Client who wishes to have their own custom Domain Email Account set up may requires hosting upgrade. Please contact us for more information.
  • Client may also use their own Domain & Web Hosting for this eShop Package but they are not eligible for the promo pricing. We will quote a one-time Outright Price including site installation of this exact package on your server.

Package Pricing & Subscription Terms
  • Displayed & Advertised pricing may changed anytime as we are frequently running promotion. You may not get the package with current pricing if you decided to purchase tomorrow.
  • Client will enjoy price freeze as long as their account remain active within the original package. Any upgrades/downgrades during the subscription term may alter the billing amount.
  • This package is currently being offered as monthly subscription with the main purpose to assist businesses with low capital. Those who require 6-monthly or yearly terms may submit their request to us for arrangement.

Payment Methods & Refund Terms
  • We only accept payment using Credit or Debit Cards to ensure a smooth & continuous operation. All card payment is processed securely by Stripe Payment Gateway. We don't keep any card information on this website.
  • Stripe Payment Gateway is one of PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1, similar to Paypal.
  • We impose Advance Payment term for this package. Client will be charged prior to use the service.
  • No Refund policy is applied for this service. First payment amount will be used for setup fee & resources allocation.
  • Other payment methods can be arranged at different payment terms and are subject to availability.
  • In the event of other payment method is being used to pay the subscription, invoice will be emailed to client before starting of each cycle. Client must settled the payment within 7 days from the invoice issued date.

Cancellation & Disputes
  • Client may cancel the subscription of this package at any time by logging into our Client Area > Subscription > Choose Action.
  • Client has the option to cancel immediately or at the end of the term.
  • All amount paid are not refundable. Therefore, Client are advised to check their billing cycle within the Client Area or contact our Support Team to avoid unwanted deduction.
  • Any disputes or billing issues can be addressed to our Support Team at sales@ewallzsolutions.com.

Data Security & Privacy
  • We respect your business data & privacy and we will keep them within the organization only.
  • All data stored on our server may be accessible by our Tech Team and ISP Service Engineer. This condition also applies to other Web Hosting providers. If you wish to have total control of all your data, please consider setting up your own dedicated server within your own premise.
  • Although many precaution has been taken to ensure clients' data is well kept, we cannot be held responsible for any data & privacy breach due to other factors that are beyond our controls.

Service Suspension & Termination
  • Account with overdue payment/invoice for more than 3 days from due date will be automatically suspended and then followed by service termination for the next 24 hours.
  • All data on terminated account will be automatically deleted and non-recoverable.
  • Any account that found to be abusing our General TOS and Web Hosting TOS will also subject to account suspension/termination.
  • General TOS : Read Here.
  • General Hosting TOS : Read Here.

  • The above mentioned Terms of Services may be updated when necessary. Clients are advised to refer to this page from time to time in order to get the latest information.
  • Any inquiry can be addressed to sales@ewallzsolutions.com.
  • Updated: February 2021.

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